Parent & Caregiver Workshop

Are you struggling as a parent or caregiver to manage your child and youth’s emotional and behavioural issues? Your child’s issues such as anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders and other mental health concerns can have a significant impact on your family and your child’s wellbeing.

This evidence based workshop will support you to communicate effectively, manage difficult emotions and behaviours, set appropriate limits and improve your family’s overall happiness.

In this workshop parents and caregivers will be supported to learn new practical skills in order to foster cooperation and empower the whole family.

Connect. Strengthen relationships. Increase cooperation.


Inspired by Emotion Focused approaches, this workshop you will help you learn to deeply validate your loved one's emotional experiences to enhance connection and provide safety. You will learn to assist your loved one by attending to their emotional needs and strengthening your relationship and bond. Additionally, you will also be more effective at setting limits in order to improve overall wellness and cooperation. By attending this workshop you will learn helpful techniques and strategies to help your child struggling with mental health concerns.


You are not alone. In this workshop you will connect with the workshop facilitators who are Registered Clinical Counsellors of British Columbia (RCC) and who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children, youth and families. Along with connecting with  clinicians who are experienced in family therapy, mental health and addictions, you will get the opportunity to connect with fellow parents and caregivers and gain a sense of community and belonging regardless of your family's troubles.

Designed for

Parent and caregiver of children/youth between ages 8-24 years old.
Parent and caregiver who have children and/or youth who struggle with one or more of the following:
- Mental health issues (eg. anxiety, depression)
- Substance use issues
- Eating disorders
- School related concerns

The Facilitators

Corey Chan

Christine Vandervelden

Corey & Christine are both Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) with over 15 years of combined clinical experience working with children, youth and families. We have experience assisting clients with a broad spectrum of concerns including but not limited to anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, addictions, school stress, and relationship and family struggles.

Workshop Details

The workshop will be an Interactive Online Webinar using Zoom. You will participate in discussions, practice essential skills and connect directly with skilled facilitators along with other parents and caregivers. Mobile phone, tablet or a computer with a high speed internet connection is required. Not tech savvy? No worries! We'll get you setup quickly over the phone prior to the start of the workshop.


Sunday, March 27, 2021


9am to 4pm


$150 / person
$250 / couple
(may be covered by extended health benefits)


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#211 – 7885 6th Street,
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